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Daily Mail reports 'help for tinnitus sufferers'.

The Daily Mail had an article titled Could this device be a cure for tinnitus? iPod-style gadget 'cuts ringing in the ears by up to 50%'


This is an optimistic account of using an ipod to mask noise. The article link is at

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It is worth reading the comments that go with this article. The cost of the device is £4000 and you need to wear the devise for several hours to gain any effect. As one comment put it, it is easier and cheaper to buy an ipod and put something you like to hear on it.


It is also interesting to note it has been offered through a private tinnitus clinc. It is worth remembering that tinnitus is not found in the ear and the perception of 'noise' (tinnitus) is likely to originate in the brain.


The full article is attached below.

Could this device be a cure for tinnitus.pdf42.06 KB